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Orbit Pumps

Orbit Helical Rotor (or Progressive Cavity) pumps, due to the rotating action of the eccentric rotor within an elastomer stator, enable the passage of heavily contaminated waste water containing, for example, sewage, sludge, animal bi-products and hair typically generated from industries such as abattoirs.  The same principle enables the pumping of oils and waste oils with the major consideration being the material that the rotor and stator are made from. Rotors can be made from mild steel, stainless steel and tools steel and all are hard chrome plated to provide resistance to abrasion and/or chemical attack.  Similarly a variety of stator materials perform the same product specific tasks.

Of course clean potable water or oils for human consumption are included in the wide variety of applications for Orbit pumps.  The pump design suits it for low to medium flows at high or low pressure with varying SG’s, temperatures and viscosities. Some typical applications might be water for mining camps, stock feed, dairy products and vegetable oil production.

Applications include:

Orbit pumps have been supplied and serviced in Australia for over 30 years. The consequent experience and knowledge gained of client’s requirements combine to ensure there is a solution to every individual need.

The Orbit range has proven that reliability with cost effectiveness does not compromise performance. Ease of maintenance and availability of spare parts makes Orbit an ideal choice for businesses doing their own service and have an eye on down time.

Orbit pumps can be designed into multiple pump systems to suit specific needs and matched up to either electrical or diesel drive, direct or belt driven.

Orbit Pumps make a clear choice where the requirement is for a Progressive Cavity (Helical Rotor) pump, very competitively priced, with most models available ex stock.

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A photo of an orbit mini pressure test pump A photo of an Orbit Electric Direct Drive Pump A photo of an orbit transportable unit  
 Orbit Mini Pressure Test Pump Orbit Electric Direct Drive Pump Orbit Transportable Unit on Skid  
 A photo of an orbit high pressure slurry pump A photo of an Orbit air powered pump A photo of an orbit electric belt driven pump  
Orbit High Pressure Slurry Pump Orbit Air Powered Pump Orbit Electric Belt Driven Pump